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P. Anthony 20 Jul 2023
This moving company made what was panning out to be a stressful move. Their team were just brilliant on the day and helped in every way they could.
B. Inman 05 Jun 2023
The removals team was quick, proficient and first class all around. Our moving journey felt so simple due to how effortlessly they dealt with everything related. Every object was delivered soundly, with plenty of consideration taken not to cause any damage during transit. Unloading done impeccably fast, without ever deviating from predetermined timings. It goes without saying that you should certainly go for these movers when making your choice - There's no way I won't be getting them back for another project down the line!
Becky V. 23 Feb 2023
I have had the privilege to use Removals Elephant and Castle several times, and they have yet to fail me in any way. The outstanding proficiency of the whole team is unparalleled and always leaves me beyond satisfied with the final outcome. Thanks so much!
David G. 26 Jul 2017
I just went through office removals this week - a total headache business day wise, but the actual move went pretty smoothly actually! We'd hired Removals Elephant and Castle so we wouldn't have to mess with all of that on top of trying to sort our business out, and it paid for itself ten times over! Very easy process, and very professional team! Well done!
J. Vincent 22 Mar 2016
My team had become stressed as we tried to handle our office relocation. We were trying to do things like handle packing and work out how to move things while we were doing other work. We weren't sure about the cost of a removal firm but we realised it would be necessary. We had Elephant and Castle Moving Services take care of things and they succeeded in moving all our goods to the new office. It was worth the price as we got a safe and easy move.
Taylor Y. 22 Oct 2014
Lots of my friends used RemovalsElephantandCastle and their student removals services last term, and I thought I might try and give them a go when I needed help with my move. I usually move with the help of my parents, but with them out of town when my tenancy agreement ended I thought that this company might be a good substitute. The movers here were fabulous and really showed me how a professional move should be done. Safe to say I won't be moving with my parents next year - I'll be hiring this service!
M. Shephard 13 Aug 2014
Hard-working, friendly and helpful, I think that's what I can say about this company in general and in particular the wonderful removal lads who were truly excellent the whole day and I mean the whole day. I have no complaints at all, in fact I have nothing but praise for this company who are clearly on the ball and I would very much like to recommend them to others. The amazing thing is RemovalsElephantandCastle had one of the lowest prices I was quoted and initially I thought I might be taking a chance hiring them, and I suppose I did, but it was a chance that paid off for me big-time because I don't have a bad word to say about them at all.
Earl Brown 07 Jul 2014
I know very little about the processes involved in moving house, but I know that I want all of my things to arrive at the new house in one piece. Luckily enough for me, RemovalsElephantandCastle made that happen very easily, and I was delighted with how smoothly it all went ahead. You can never be too careful with these things, but I was lucky in choosing the team, and I will certainly be doing so again, should I need to move any time soon, though I very much hope that I don't have to.
Eileen Massey 26 Jun 2014
I'd never thought about getting a bit of help with uni removals, but it was getting to the stage to be a bit too much to handle on my own. After a few years at university, I seem to have accumulated a lot of things which I didn't want to get rid of. Needless to say, moving these between homes was getting tougher and tougher so I gave RemovalsElephantandCastle a call. Their help was instrumental in making sure that I navigated all of the difficulties of the move. Next time I'm moving, probably after graduation, I'll be calling them.
Luke Bonar 11 Jun 2014
RemovalsElephantandCastle supplied me with all the moving stuff and accessories I required to ensure I could move myself. This included an excellent van for hire, which was top of the range and looked like it had just been purchased (completely spotless interior and it smelled really nice). The cost for the van was much lower than the other quotes I received - steer clear of the big name chains if you need to hire one, I would.
B. Smith 21 May 2014
RemovalsElephantandCastle are an independent removals firm. Don't let their status fool you - they might be small but they pack a big punch, and deliver better results than the big hitters at half the price! I for one loved their humble and unpretentious ethos - they really seem to care about their customers and do everything they can to make sure they're satisfied. Every time I spoke to them on the phone before the job (which was often!), their customer service was exemplary. They managed to quote me the exact fee that was on my final bill! Great stuff!
Willie Day 08 May 2014
Hopefully all those who read this will get on the phone to RemovalsElephantandCastle straight away, as I have to say, they are absolutely amazing. Admittedly removals are not the thing I get most passionate about, but when it comes to ensuring that I was well looked after, I cannot fault this lot! There is a lot to be said for a removals company who have me talking this excitedly about them, so hopefully they will benefit from your business soon!
Kerry Lyons 16 Apr 2014
I hate moving house, it is tiring and sets me in a right mood, what with all the panicking and sorting things out. I used RemovalsElephantandCastle for my most recent removal, and they were very good at taking some of the pressure off. I got the full packing service, because I knew that if I did it all and anything went wrong, I'd be way to annoyed to handle it! The service was great, and the price was pretty acceptable, which certainly sweetened the deal! I would certainly recommend them to all looking to reduce the panic that moving house can induce!
Abigail Dellen 29 Mar 2014
I was moving house, but as I also worked from home I had a lot of valuable computer and office equipment to relocate. I needn't have worried the company I used for the move were exceptional from the start to the finish. A friend recommended RemovalsElephantandCastle to me and she explained that she had been happy with their service. And, all I can say is that I was extremely satisfied with the service I received, everything went to plan and great care was taken with my possessions. The polite staff provided an excellent and efficient job throughout the move.
Jessica White 19 Mar 2014
If you're about to move, then you've likely called through a long list of companies looking for the right option. I would stop searching right away and give RemovalsElephantandCastle a call. They came to our home in the morning and before we knew it, everything was on the back of the lorry. They made me tired just watching, but nothing seemed to slow them down. It was the same at the other end, and before we knew it, we were waving goodbye from the step of our new home. So stop looking elsewhere and find out how much they can help you.
Katherine S. 05 Mar 2014
There's only so much that can be said for how excellent the service from RemovalsElephantandCastle is. With their help, we managed to get our whole family's possessions into the new home in no time at all. I was amazed by the speed and efficiency of everything, and that every single possession we own made it there in one piece. My husband, on the other hand, was delighted by the price, and I can't blame him. I'm not sure how they manage to make it so much lower, but you should check for yourself if you want to save money.